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ImaBiotech's Multimaging™ technology chosen by Dermira for its Skin Disposition Study


Communiqué le 01/12/2015

ImaBiotech's Multimaging™ technology chosen by Dermira
for its Skin Disposition Study

Lille, France – 1st December, 2015ImaBiotech today announced that Dermira, Inc. (NASDAQ), a specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on bringing innovative and differentiated products to dermatologists and their patients, chose ImaBiotech's Multimaging technology for a skin disposition study in Yorkshire pigs. Dermira presented the results of this study for DRM01, a novel, topical sebum inhibitor for the treatment of acne, during the 45th Annual Meeting of European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR) in Rotterdam. 

 ImaBiotech's Multimaging platform and software, which combines Quantitative MALDI (matrix-assisted laser desorption/ ionization) imaging technology and histology, was able to visualize the disposition of DRM01 in the skin of pigs following topical administration. DRM01 was shown to accumulate in the hydrophobic environment of sebaceous glands relative to the surrounding dermis, which suggests that DRM01 effectively localizes in the target cells of the sebaceous glands. The highest strength DRM01 gel (7.5%) demonstrated the deepest level of penetration into the dermis, the area of the skin where the sebaceous glands are located, suggesting a dose response.

“We were excited to share the results of this skin disposition animal study of our DRM01 topical anti-acne product candidate at the ESDR Meeting,” said Hans Hofland, Ph.D., vice president, research at Dermira. “This sophisticated MALDI imaging technology can provide new insights into drug delivery, and we believe this is the first time it has been used to demonstrate the accumulation of a topically administered compound in the sebaceous gland.”

Dr. Jonathan Stauber, CEO of ImaBiotech, said, “We are more than proud to see how our technology can convince a company like Dermira and be part of a major innovative research. This new partnership is a proof that our company and its Multimaging technology have become key players in the Mass Spectrometry Imaging field in less than a year.”

About ImaBiotech

Located in Europe (France) and North America (Cambridge, MA), ImaBiotech ( develops and offers services with new imaging technologies (Quantinetix™, Multimaging™) and applications. In order to accelerate drug development, ImaBiotech offers Mass Spectrometry Services to provide a cost effective solution to preclinical and clinical studies. This molecular technique is used for qualitative & quantitative efficacy and toxicity of drug candidates from the whole body to cell levels.

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